Buzzfeed, 22 Easy Ways to Make Moving Less of a Nightmare

Jeff Barron: Don't put off packing until the last minute....

Tip #11: Throw together a "24 hour" box with stuff you'll absolutely need when you walk in the door of your new home.

The pros behind UNPACKD (a NYC-based service that unpacks your stuff for you after a move) suggest packing things like toilet paper, a wine bottle, a wine bottle opener — you know, the important stuff. Read the rest...

CNBC, Meet the New York City couple who will unpack your stuff when you move

Ritika Shah:  It all began at a housewarming party. Lauren and John-Morgan Bush had recently moved back to New York City and were hosting some friends when inspiration struck...That was the moment when the couple realized they might be onto something. Watch the rest...

New York Magazine, The Cut

Three tips from Lauren and John-Morgan Bush, who founded Unpackd, a moving-in service that will unpack and decorate your new home. Read the rest..., You Can Actually Pay People to Unpack For You

Sophie Miura: Moving house can be an exciting transition, but when the buzz from finding your new home and planning the décor has dulled, there's one task that fills most movers with dread: unpacking. If the prospect of unboxing your possessions in your new home seems daunting, there's a new service you need to know about.  John-Morgan and Lauren Bush are the founders of Unpackd NYC, a genius packing service that promises to take the pain out of moving house. Read the rest..., Meet the Couple Who Will Unpack Your Home For You

Devin Alessio: Fact: There are few things in this life more painful than moving. And considering that most Americans move between May and September, a lot of you are probably still living out of a box right now.

John-Morgan and Lauren Bush are out to change that.

The couple returned to New York after a two-year stint in Boston earlier this summer. When they threw a party at their place just two weeks after moving in, their friends couldn't believe how quickly the Bushes had settled in. "I joked that I should open a business where I unpack your new home and style it with the stuff you already own and make it look fabulous," Lauren Bush says. "No one laughed."

And just like that, Unpackd NYC was born.

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BuzzBuzzHome, the world's hottest real estate stories

Robert Clark: The husband and wife team behind Unpackd will unpack and style your new pad for you while you’re at work...Lauren and John-Morgan Bush conceived the idea for Unpackd during a cocktail party this past July after moving back to New York City. They believe no one actually likes the process of moving, and often boxes will remain unpacked tucked away in closets or hallways long after a move.

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Chasing News, My9NJ, Fox5NY

Tara Jakeway: A New York couple John-Morgan and Lauren Bush have launched a unique service for New Yorkers on the move, after they move.

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DNAInfoNY, Hate Unpacking? Now You Can Pay This Couple to Do It For You

Nicole Levy: A year after moving into your apartment, your wall art is still sitting in packaging on the floor and boxes are languishing in the hall closet.

Sound familiar?

"Unpacking sucks," in the words of Lauren Bush, one half of a married couple that wants to charge New Yorkers money to sort through their boxed belongings and set up their new home.

"What if you could leave for work the next day and come home and everything would be unpacked? It really could be that easy. That’s where the idea was born," said Bush's husband John-Morgan, co-founder of Unpackd.

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